sábado, 12 de febrero de 2011

In the rest during the afternoon...

Hello to all, after a stay in the hospital, because my enemy the "fibromyalgia"an unwanted guest in my life has kept me a bit ill, being in recovery today, I present these beautiful pieces with this pattern Rose was saying that the foil is removed from the design of the wallpaper. , which also seems to have seen me on other things. It's beautiful, every advantage in from where I have been made possible today and I took one of cups of coffee with a rich pedasito of pound cake after almost 6 months, as I am not very "coffee" they say, because I prefer to drink cold, so while I'm at rest, continue to devote a space and this is my snack in the afternoon, I hope all continues well, Rose

Cremera y azucarera

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Crochet y rosas

Hola, despues de una estadia en el hospital por la fibromialgia , aunque recuperando aqui hoy les comparto este patron tan lindo de rosas, decia el empaque donde vino que es sacado de un diseño de papel tapiz.
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