domingo, 16 de enero de 2011

In the Kitchen

Bordes ondulados, un toque femenino?

Aqui esta el borde de esta pieza o tablillero que incorpora un detalle delicado a la cocina. La decore con detalles pasteles y este es el resultado .
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He cares for you!

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Nests and cup?

Hello to all the ladies who have discovered that the little things are the great mysteries. The nest was abandoned by its occupants. A couple of birds who for months were raising their children' . As this happened I had wait for them, then put your "home" her nest on my window and i could not wash because that would have meant removing the nest.Observed nowadays for a while, that they feed their young,taught them to fly, the care of large birds who wanted to harm them one of them fell to the floor and i fear that they wanted no more,so put it back into nest. They left and the left from its net, which now use to decorated, because for me it has a spiritual connotation, and an analogy with our lives.The word of God says, he has taken care of the birds, they do not "sow or work but" hhave everything needed to survive winters even impossible to survive. It God cares for the birds, the more you will not do for you and me!
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Decorando con dulces...

Hola, continuo arreglando y desidi que me gustan tanto los dulces de decoracion (los de verdad tambien , ji,ji,ji,) que entre pastelitos o cinamon rolls y bombones de cristales, (arriba) pie de fresas con diamantes ' y rosas , arregle esta mesa.
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