miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

And in the afternoon.....

Hello, This afternoon I was making changes. Take a pot acquired while on vacation in Florida, is beautiful. It has some fine details well, and as I thought the site where he was assigned, get a cake and prepare me a tea. My son joined and started a lively conversation about so many things well, as their education and so on. As I prepare the fruit juice and my husband then joined the conversation and joking I take these photos to all that was on the table. In the end, they laughed because even though the cake was small, they had eaten nearly half!
Asi lucia el postre cuando comenzamos a conversar... era de vainilla y fresas.Ellos alegan que no saben como casi se lo terminaron. uhhhhhh!
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Mientras conversaba con mi hijo , mi esposo , y varias personas mas fue reduciendose en tamaño...
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un pedazito de bizcocho mientras leia , fue algo que en verdad disfrute.
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