lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Sweet Bunny!

Truth looks very sweet? Greetings to all. It's one of my latest creations for this season. I have placed it at the same table, where according to the season I change of decoration. I've been a very bad season for me and not to bore condition will not tell you the things you've been through, but it is time to collect and silence. Looking for tranquility. These are the things that make my life among others and today I want to share with you, hugs, Rose

Decoracion en mi cocina

Hola  a  todas,  estas fotos  las  he  compartido   con  ustedes  despues  de  varias  semanas  de  haber  arreglado  mi mesa  en  la  cocina,  mas  bien  es   una  mesa  donde  guardo cubiertos  y  vajilla  y aqui es  donde  usualmente  decoro  segun  sea  la   ocasion .  Estan  los   "pollitos  de    mashmellow  o  marvabisco   y  tantos  detallitos  coloridos  que  alegran  la  cocina.
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