domingo, 16 de enero de 2011

He cares for you!

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Mariette dijo...

Dearest Rose Marie,

Well it is written in the bible certainly, about the birds that they don't have to sow, don't have to work in a way. But in my opinion they don't have an easy life! They work VERY hard to build their nests, to lay the eggs and keep them warm, to feed the young birds and clean out the nest... They fly non-stop to search for food for their young and themselves.
Like with us humans, often it is a tough struggle to survive!
Certainly God cares for us but not in a micro-management way... Only in a very broad sense and often our little mind cannot comprehend it at times. But trusting Him is good, it relieves us often from a big burden, knowing that we don't carry it alone.

Have a great week!

Lots of love,


rosarod dijo...

Certainly so, how right you Mariette. More reason to see God's mercy. Birds as we human beings, many times to survive are in a constant struggle. With everything around us, the weather, the difficulties, circumstances beyond our will, like diseases, tragedies, poverty, catastrophes admosfera, and so many things. Birds as well your signal has to face its ups and downs, and so many things around, but God takes care of them and us. Maybe my exposure sounds very simplistic, would have to enter and to expose deep theological truths that most would not understand. God warned us in the world, I mean we are living life with all its circumstances, you will have tribulation, but do not worry I have overcome the world! God provides for the minimum, even our finite minds often can not understand. Thank you for your comments, always appreciate much more, than I can express! , blessings, Rose

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