martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

A little change''...

Here i present this picture where it looks a little wrought work table. Is mexican art, I paint in white and has been beautiful. It was rustic, but now his appearance change.
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Bella dijo...

Hello, Your table looks lovely!! Love your pretty candlestick holders:-)
Have a wonderful day:-)

Mariette dijo...

Dearest Rose Marie,

As always, you show the most romantic images! You show it also from your heart and that makes it special.
Just got back from the mountains in Tennessee where we spent five days with our best friends... Lovely to come here now; very soothing!

Lots of love from Georgia/USA


Marijke van Ooijen dijo...

Dear Rose Marie,

This is so beautiful and lovely.
I love the soft colors..

With love,

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