lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

Fantasy Zone

Hi, i wanted to share these details in this "zone' as call them, this is fantasy in pastels colors and with several characyters I created. I love this time for me is a project that I enjoy the decoration for me it hits if i organize my self before and after the festivities. Have a nice and Happy day! Rose
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3 comentarios:

maría cecilia dijo...

Querida Rose Marie, está nevando en tu blog!!! qué lindo se ve... y también ese lugar de fantasía que creaste, super hermoso!!!

rosarod dijo...

Gracias Maria Cecilia por tus apresiados comentarios!! Rose Marie

Angela dijo...

Dear Rose Marie,
I love your Christmas decorations and displays, you put me in the mood to start decorating for the holidays, it is nice to start early because it is so quickly over, lets enjoy as much as we can, Happy Holidays.

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