lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

Para Zulma

Querida Zulma, he buscado alguna palabra de parte de Dios que te edifique , tanto a ti como a mi como a todo aquel que lea este blog. Nos pueden servir muchas cosas ... pero lo que nos sostiene es nuestra Fe ! aun el hombre mas perfecto, Jesucristo en un momento dado , se desespero y hasta cuestiono a Su Dios, se sintio solo . Si asi sucedio, cuanto no mas nos pasara a nosotros , que somos simples mortales , llenos de imperfecciones. Por eso cuando el enemigo quiera arrestar tu mente con la duda , recuerda , ! No dejes de insistirle a Dios! , sin importar ninguna circunstancia! Creele A tu Dios. No se trata de un repetir mero y vacio de palabrerias , es nuestra confianza en Dios con nuestro corazon .
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Mariette dijo...

Dearest Rose Marie,

Such a beautiful, in depth prayer from your heart... Especially at this time of the year when often the religion, the hope, is being pushed to the back because of a way too commercial season. Money can never replace our faith. Nor can it by Happiness nor Peace.

Lots of love,

Mariette's Back to Basics

rosarod dijo...

Hi Mariette, Thanks for your thoughtful comments! I'll tell you that Zulma is my sister. She lives with my brother. child and her two daughters in New York, I live in Puertorico and while I telephone, I always try to encourage it, for a battle with cancer. As this occurs, as Christians, we trust in medical science, but especially in God. I imagine that in this process, "the mind is a battlefield 'and doubt if it comes, hopelessness, despair, fear and so many things, emotions, feelings, and in that precesses psychosomatic (body, soul spirit, mind) we battle and we need strength! I prefer to believe God and trust and give the good fight of faith! so I am writing from time to time text messages of strength! Thanks Mariette, that has proven to be an excellent woman! with an admirable human sensitivity and thank you for your great friendship, get my respect and admiration, thanks mil "for your beautiful and thoughtful, sincere comments! blessings to you and your husband Peter, God filled with life and make them prosper, always affectionate, Rose Marie

Marijke van Ooijen dijo...

Hay dear Rose,

This notebook is so lovely,I like this picture so much..
This girl looks so sweet!

Have a nice day,

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