viernes, 14 de enero de 2011


Hi all. I've been organizing my china cabinet. Uff! lot of work! In particular it empty and then clean and organize everything. I do almost every year, maybe before, it all depends. I had watched many patterns of roses. Aller had lunch with me and some friends were talking about when we decorate our home, fashion, personal taste etc.. My friend Carmen Iris told me that she believed that the opinion at home and tastes that are ours must prevail no more. It's true. I decorated with little details that give me peace, quiet, even with the colors. I've never been driven by fads or trends. My philosophies of life may differ from each other, but overall, I think every woman look for ways to seek peace, to follow and that will extend to different fascetas of his life. At home, also reflecting who we are and what are the inner treasures that will be reflected in every corner in our home. Blessings

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Mariette dijo...

Dearest Rose Marie,

You are absolutely right in your philosophy! What and who you are, that reflects your inner beauty and all that is being shown to the world in many facets like you wrote. The way we dress, converse, walk, eat, socialize at home, embellish our home; the sacred place for our family and loved ones. Intelligent people know by listening to their hearts what they want. Guess it is the commercial driven time that is aiming at about 60% of the population that DO buy what they see in a commercial or what is being 'prescribed' by magazines as being the fashion trend for clothes or for the home.
Both my husband and I often laugh and ask each other what item is in our home that we did buy because of advertising? There is none! We buy what we like; our own style and following our own budget. We don't need anyone to tell us what to buy or wear or do...
So you too know how to romance your home with sweet rose china, lace and candles and a soothing atmosphere where you feel the calm and warmth of HOME.

Lots of love!


Elia dijo...

Qué romántico y dulce todo...
es como de otro tiempo, captado, y vuelto a la retina.

feliz finde


Johanna dijo...

Hello Rosa Maria,
that is a wonderful idea and like Mariette, I buy also things for my household just as I appreciate them.Your rose patterned coffee set is beautiful. The shapes of the cups is unusual, do you know the maker?
Greetings, Johanna

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