sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011

Mi sabado rosa!

Hola   , No  podemos  negar  que  a  todas  nos  gusta  el  rosa, tanto  como el  blanco o  el  crema. Hoy  me uno  a  todos  estos  blogs  que celebran  el  sabado rosa'. Uno  de los colores  que   define   nuestra  femeneidad  y  cuando  lo  observamos   siempre  emerge  en  nosotras ese  lado  tierno  que poseemos. 

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Astridbears dijo...

I love pink too, dear Rose Marie, it´s a wonderful china! And the bears are very adorable with the tull and jewelry!
have a nice weekend

Mrs Twins dijo...

Hello Rose Marie!
I am pleased you enjoyed looking at the header picture!
Yes I crochet around each square a couple of rows, then I crochet them together. I don't sew.
I am always pleased how the blankets turn out. very pretty.
Your blog is always such a pleasure to visit its so pretty and romantic.
You're very kind with your comments Rose Marie, thank you!
Hugs Suex

It's me dijo...

It looks great !! happy weekend.....love Ria....bisous ...xxx...

Atelier de Charo dijo...

Hola amiga, preciosa selección, es algo más que un simple color, es una forma de vida, sencillamente hermosa!


Bella dijo...

Hello Rose Marie,
Happy Pink Saturday! Of all you beutiful pinks, I LOVE those little pink eggs, so cute!!

romance-of-roses dijo...

Hi Rose Marie,
I absolutely love pink and have lots and lots of pink in my home. All of your pinks are lovely, love the china well should say love everything.

Terri dijo...

Gorgeous! All your photos are so beautiful, as well as the china you have shared today. The adorable bears really add to your post!

Elia dijo...

Preciosa selección, muy romántica..como tus jabones!!!

feliz día


Marijke van Ooijen dijo...

Hay Rose Marie,

This China is so lovely.
I love this post very much.

I wishing you a very nice week-end..


Astridbears dijo...

wishing you a wonderful weekend

T's Daily Treasures dijo...

Hope all is well with you. Best wishes for a wonderful day. Tammy

Lisy Design dijo...

precioso todo , a mi me encanta el rosa

bikim dijo...

that is a lovely china!
love the colours!
happy week!

mo dijo...

Hi Rose Marie,

What a lovely post!

I adore the pink eggs in the nest and the yummy chocolate covered strawberries.

Thank you for your comment on my post today.

Your words are chosen so well and it is one of my favorite comments I have ever received.

Thank you.



Cindy dijo...

Hi Rose Marie,
Very pretty photos! I love your use of pinks, so feminine.
Hugs, Cindy

Mariette's Back to Basics dijo...

Dearest Rose Marie,

Guess that not only on Saturdays you color your world rosa... You know how to create a very romantic ambiance ongoing.
Lots of love,


Mrs Twins dijo...

Greetings this afternoon from the UK!
Thank you so much for the kind comments.
The cupcakes are shop bought Gielsa Graham. They were £5.00 each. beautiful arn't they?
The crocheted carnations well yes I made those. I had such fun making them.

I loved decorating Bird Cages!
Thank you.
I hope you are having a wonderful week, breezy but sunny here. Rosa be happy!
Hugs suex

✿*゚¨゚✎Claudia Lis✄*゚¨゚✿ dijo...

que belleza todooooooooooo

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