miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2011

Angels are watching over us

Goodnight all. While organizing some of my crafts, this angel suits purchased in Florida in these vacations, while praying to our Lord to send angels about all these people who necesittan after Hurricane Irene, who in their wake left many difficult situations, floods, landslides in the water saturation, and many people have lost their homes and belongings, agriculture and services suffered losses in its majority although it almost completely restored, were affected. For the most main roads in many trees have been affected, etc. blocking the way for many sectors. The government has been working hard to return to normal. These atmospheric phenomena are really unpredictable, yet continue to trust   in  God.

4 comentarios:

Wateringen dijo...

Hay Rose-marie,

This post is so peaceful!
And it's so beautiful angels are watching over us.
Thank you for sharing with us.


Atelier de Charo dijo...

Hola Rose Marie, un composición mágica muy apacible!

Muy hermoso amiga!


Cindy dijo...

Hello sweet lady,
Your angel is just darling! I'm so glad that we have angels to keep us safe. I know there has been one around my car many times!
I haven't heard much about the hurricane on our radio news.
God is so good to us!
Love and Hugs, Cindy

Lucy dijo...

Hola Rose Marie, Qué ambiente tan apacible y bello! los colores claros, la suave luz, la riqueza de los detalles...Te felicito!

Espero que los daños hayan sido los menores posibles y que se restablezcan cuanto antes...

Agradezco muchísimos tus palabras en mi blog, siempre cariñosas y llenas de aliento,

Gracias Rose Marie,
Un abrazo

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