lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011


 Señor , tu  me  examinas, tu  me  conoces.  Sabes  cuando  me siento  y  cuando  me levanto; aun a la  distancia  me lees el  pensamiento.  Mis trajines  y  descansos  los  conoces; todos  mis  caminos  te  son  familiares.

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Johanna dijo...

Dear Rosa Marie,
sometimes we don't know how the live will continue. And it is truly not necessary. Just believe, it will continue and God will help you to get over the hill.
Hugs, Johanna

It's me dijo...

Our wedding psalm...and i use it for my moms special to me.....beautiful !!!!! from

Mary dijo...

Oh so pretty as usual!! Ah Rosa so glad to see your ok. The tropical storms have been a menance lately. So glad you are OK. We had some damage from TS Lee. Trees down some damage.
Your pics are a delightful visual vacation from the ordinary. Such a pleasure to look thru.
Hugs and God Bless you

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