martes, 1 de febrero de 2011


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Mariette dijo...

Dearest Rose Marie,

Oh, in my laundry room I have the very same, only longer, for all the electrical fuses to be accessible if one bursts. But Pieter did paint it exactly like the wall and it no longer is a 'thorn' in the eye! Simple solution.
By the way, your display for the month of love is so perfect. You have such great taste and not only that, you do own lots of special items yourself.
Enjoy them and as for your aches, hope you manage -- I am dragging myself also along these days. Barely can sit at my PC. Let's hope there will be better days soon!

A big hug and lots of love,


rosarod dijo...

Hi Mariette, I think several times in this solution, but as this cover is gray in the hallway in front of the stove in the kitchen, is very visible, but I think that ultimately I will have to paint! thanks for the suggestion, by the way Mariette buy a book today which I think is fabulous, not if you like reading or if you read this kind of topic, I recommend the book called ----- Psalm 91 the author calls "peggy Joyce Ruth Ruth and Angela Angelia Schum. I have not read but is highly recommended, and its central theme is to help us. It is a mostly light reading and reinforces our only weapon against life's battles. "Thanks for Everything, Rose Marie

maría cecilia dijo...

dear Rose Marie, estás teniendo algún problema, estás bien??

Esa tapa de cables ahí no fue muy buena idea, yo subiría el mismo cuadro que tienes y con él taparía esa tapa!!

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