jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

Cremas y blancos

Hola , estuve haciendo ciertos cambios y y coloque este jarron en una mesa rodeado de caracoles y almejas . Sus colores son hermosos , yo les he dado un toque perlado y a algunos los he disfrasado con un poco de glitters.
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Mariette dijo...

Dearest Rose Marie,

This is incredible... I just cleaned the dining room and was looking at our big sea shells that we brought back from Saint Martin, the French part of the island (one part is Dutch). Still admire those shells and a Frenchman from the resort gave us the tip for putting them first in chlorine to really clean them out, then letting them air dry and rubbing vaseline on them to bring their beauty out. Their colors are incredible and they work so soothing, so calming!
Thanks for showing this. We both have a lot in common!
Also thanks for your comment on the previous blog. Right now, I'm struggling to put all our books up as we have SO MANY to read and not enough life left to accomplish it all. They always gave us books, books and more books and we ourselves did buy already lots of books so our home looks like a library with books in several languages.

Lots of love and may the shells and the thought of the ocean calm you too.


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